Wooden rings with inlay, engraving or stone

Are you looking for wedding rings, engagement rings or friendship rings made of wood...

…then you’ve come to the right place at HolzTraum. I have been making a wide range of high-quality wooden rings for many years. The unique structures that result from the wood fascinate me, challenge me and always create beautiful rings.
Most of the HolzTraum-Rings are waterproof sealed so that they can withstand a 40° wash without damage. Wash your hands anyway!

Rings to fall in love with, rings to give away or simply to keep for yourself.
Voilà here is my website, just have a look, browse and discover. Maybe your dream rings will be there!

Kind regards, your Marion Mayer

At HolzTraum there are almost no limits to your wishes when it comes to wooden rings. Combine the wood type(s), size, width and shape according to your ideas. Below are some examples, but much more is possible. My specialty are “curly” rings made of two different colored woods. Two strips of wood fit together harmoniously when wrapped. Whether apple and maple, or elm wood, the ring then has a different color on the inside than on the outside. And it also seems unique that I cut my veneers myself. This allows me to process grains that are undesirable in industrial veneer production and do not even make it to the end of production. HolzTraum is in many respects exactly the right thing if you are looking for an individual ring.
Wooden rings cannot be compared to metal rings in terms of longevity. But as friendship rings, engagement rings or as wedding rings, if you are not an everyday ring wearer, wooden rings are ideal. “Luxury” edition rings are sealed with a closed layer of acrylic resin.
Especially with a wooden ring, it is important that you reliably determine the ring size. Wooden rings fit the same sizes as metal rings. But wooden rings cannot be resized afterwards! If you are unsure about the size, the multisizer can help. Simply order and I will send you the Multisizer free of charge in advance.