FAQ about wooden rings

Table of contents

How to determine the ring size?

In general, wooden rings fit just like metal rings. So the material does not play a role in determining the ring size.
It should be noted, however, that the individual fingers of one hand can have different strengths.
If the ring is to be worn on a specific finger, you will need the ring size for that finger.
Dehydrating drinks such as coffee, sage tea or red wine but also pregnancy can affect the measurement result.
If you don’t know your ring size and walking around town isn’t an option, you can order a ring sizer with the ring. I will then send it to you in advance.

String, chewing gum paper, bag seals or grandma’s tape measure are definitely NOT a suitable means of determining the ring size at home. I can no longer change the ring size of finished rings. Expanding or compressing, as is possible with metal rings, is impossible with a wooden ring.

What ring width?

It is mainly a matter of personal taste how ready a ring should be.
It is generally said that a wide ring looks good on a slender finger, and a narrow ring looks better on a strong, short finger.
But it is also the case that a narrow ring tends to pinch the neighboring fingers. A washer would be the extreme. A very wide ring, on the other hand, can limit the freedom of movement of the finger.

A small ring, e.g. size 48, is 4mm narrow and 8mm wide. A medium-sized one, e.g. size 60, is narrow at 4.5mm and wide at 9mm. A really large ring, e.g. size 70, is narrow at 5mm and wide at 11mm. Medium is in between, rule of three is possible.

luxory, glossy or pure?

Luxury (most sold)
Each luxury ring in my collection is covered with a matt polished, closed layer of acrylic resin. This looks very elegant and makes it more durable and hard-wearing (a ring like this can withstand a 40° wash cycle in the washing machine).

Like luxury, only polished to a high gloss. With finely structured woods, the glossy surface emphasizes the wood structure. However, the surface can become matt or shiny over time through daily use, depending on the stress.

The pur rings in my collection are stabilized with acrylic resin but not sealed. The rings are a bit more natural but also more sensitive. Oak rings are not available in “Pure” due to the nature of the wood.

Engraving in a ring

I engrave in the ring using a laser engraver. The laser beam burns letters, characters or shapes into the wood.
You can choose from different fonts.
I can also use image templates that only consist of black and white in jpg and png format.
Light to light brown wood and a ring width of 4.5 mm or more are advantageous for engraving.
It’s difficult in dark wood, because you can’t read black on black. Here I recommend choosing the inside of the ring from a lighter wood. It is also difficult to engrave 30 characters in a small ring. Smaller font is harder to read.

Wood as a material for rings?

With a Bentwood ring, the wood is bent with the grain so that a ring with 3-4 thin layers of wood glued together is created from a 25-30cm long veneer strip.
This process makes the ring much more statically resilient than a turned wooden ring would be, and allows a lower material thickness of 2.2 mm and upwards.

Nevertheless, a wooden ring has a limited lifespan. Comparable to floors, there are materials for eternity and some for feeling good. A metal ring lasts a lifetime, a wooden ring cannot. It will wear out like a wooden floor.

Sand and hard objects that leave dents in the wood will damage the ring. You should take off the wooden ring for gardening, climbing, playing in the sand or carrying beer crates. Showering, washing your hands or going to the sauna is no problem.
Water and heat SOMETIMES. AVOID bruising, bending or sanding.

Giving away a ring without a size?

Unfortunately, since made-to-measure rings are non-returnable, buying a ring based on an estimated size is risky.

If you would like to surprise someone with a ring from HolzTraum, call me first on +49 160 933 339 35 or email me at m@holztraum-ringe.de
I have almost 100 rings in different sizes and types of wood in stock, from which you can choose one that you are happy to give away as a surprise and then return it to configure your personal dream ring.

How can I care for my wooden ring?

Sealed rings do not require maintenance. You could polish the matt sealed ring on a soft cotton fabric. But be careful, there must be no sand in the game, otherwise you will achieve the opposite!

Pur rings look forward to occasional care with linseed oil. You can use linseed oil mixtures from the hardware store or natural paint shop or use linseed oil as a foodstuff. Rub the ring generously with linseed oil. After an hour, wipe off the excess and leave the ring to dry on a natural paper without ink, a paper handkerchief or similar for at least a day.