Engravings, inlays, zirconia stones and ring boxes for wooden rings!

Your name, an important date or a lovely message – an engraving in your wooden ring always speaks for itself!
Something very special for the lady’s ring could be a zirconia stone or natural stone inlay in various colors. Inlays can be made of natural stone granulate or many other things. Maybe holiday sand, horse hair or the clockwork of an old pocket watch, I have processed a lot. Ask in advance if you have ideas that you would like to realize in your ring.
Our handmade ring boxes are nice to present your ring for a special occasion. The pretty ring boxes have a magnetic closure that snaps the lid into place with a small “plopp”. On request also with a personal engraving.

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Especially with a wooden ring it is important that you determine the ring size reliably. Wooden rings fit the same sizes as metal rings. But wooden rings cannot be resized afterwards! If you are not 100% sure what size you need, the multisizer can help. Simply ad one to your order and I will send you the Multisizer free of charge in advance.