wooden rings with engraving

An engraving in the ring gives your wooden ring a very personal statement.

There are three different engravings in the ring at HolzTraum: up to 10 characters, up to 30 characters and up to 7 characters in black wood.
Various fonts are available. I am also happy to engrave special characters, small icons or your signature.

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Up to 10 characters will be engraved on the finished ring. This is a big advantage with couple rings, because it allows me to concentrate fully on the wood structure and make two almost identical rings, which are only engraved afterwards.

I engrave longer texts of up to 30 characters on the wooden strip before it is wrapped into a ring. When completing the ring, the priority is to place the engraving as centrally as possible. The wood grain is therefore somewhat in the background. This is easy to do for rings with a relatively homogeneous grain. That’s a pity with truffle beech or rosewood.