Wooden rings with silver, copper, brass or gold!

Whether gold, silver or bronze…
HolzTraum now also offers inlays and metal cores for wooden rings.

Pauline Dahlke, our goldsmith, has been part of the team since 2022, so that HolzTraum can now fully meet the customer’s request for precious metals in wooden rings. Since we do not work with ready-made ring rails, but make each metal core by hand, there are no limits to size and width. However, the combination of metal and wood sets a single limit: It is simply not possible to solder an inlay in a finished wooden ring. 750°C would turn the wooden ring to ash in no time. With types of wood that can be processed very well (maple, walnut, apple, moor elm), it is possible to work the ring around the finished inlay. For all other types of wood, the ends of the inlay meet neatly or end with a stone.

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