Wooden rings with zirconia stone

Make your wooden ring sparkle with a zirconia stone!
A zirconia is a man-made diamond. As hard as a diamond, as pure as a diamond, just not as expensive as a diamond. So perfect for a wooden ring!

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At Holztraum, all zirconia stones are embedded in the seal. With a wooden ring, this is the only way to ensure that the stone does not fall out of the ring, get lost and leave a disfigured ring behind. Wood is too flexible a material to permanently glue a stone into the wood, even if others offer it.

Zirconia stones are available in the colors white, pink, violet, light green, red and blue. If your favorite color is not included, a corresponding stone can certainly be obtained. The stones are mostly 2 mm in size. In white there is also a square stone and smaller stones.