Every single wooden ring is unique!

There are almost no limits to your wishes when it comes to wooden rings.

Combine the wood type(s), size, width and shape according to your ideas. Complete your wooden ring with an engraving, an inlay or diamonds. The corresponding upgrades can be found in the Extras menu.

A specialty of HolzTraum are “lock” rings made of two different colored woods. Two strips of wood fit together harmoniously when wrapped. Whether apple with maple or elm wood, the ring then has a different color on the inside than on the outside.

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Also unique seems to be that we cut my veneers myself. This allows me to process grains that are undesirable in industrial veneer production and do not even make it to the end of production.
HolzTraum is in many respects exactly the right thing if you are looking for an individual ring.

If you order a wooden ring online, you should know your ring exact size. If this is not the case, please purchase a ring sizer (multisizer) with your order, which I will send to you in advance. Wooden rings cannot be resized afterwards!

At the bottom of the website you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about ring sizes, ring widths, engravings, shipping options, delivery times, etc. In the Wood & Workshop menu you will find interesting information about the production of bentwood rings, about types of wood and HolzTraum.