Wedding rings & engagement rings made of wood. Noble, diverse and unique!

Wooden rings for couples look almost identical because they are usually made from consecutive strips of veneer.
This is how pairs of rings are created that resemble each other like twins in their wood structure. Hardly any pair of rings resembles the other.

This shop is set up like a construction kit. There are basic rings that you can combine with all conceivable extensions such as inlays, engravings or artificial diamonds.
You can find inspiration for this in the “Extras” menu. If you have an idea that can’t be found there, please contact me. There’s more!

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handmade wooden jewelry

Wooden rings cannot be compared to metal rings in terms of longevity. But as friendship rings, engagement rings or as wedding rings, if you are not an everyday ring wearer, wooden rings are ideal. “Luxury” edition rings are sealed with a closed layer of acrylic resin.

Especially with a wooden ring, it is important that you reliably determine the ring size. Wooden rings fit the same sizes as metal rings. But wooden rings cannot be resized afterwards! If you are unsure about the size, the multisizer can help. Simply order and I will send you the multisizer in advance.