elm dance couple luxory

Two types of elm wood dancing around each other, inside the bright moon, outside the dark night. The Ulmenttanz or Elmdance goes back to an initiative by the American eco-philosopher Joanna Macy, who reacted to the suffering in the irradiated surroundings of the damaged Russian nuclear reactor at Chernobyl. The elm dance, practiced in many places around the world on the day of the full moon at 8 p.m. local time, is a kind of demonstration for a world worth living in.


incl 19% MwSt | Versandkosten 4,50€ | Lieferzeit 3 Wochen

Wooden rings made of elm wood in two colors. Elm wood has a filigree structure that changes slightly.

The gray wood is from a bog elm. That means an elm trunk that has matured in a bog covered by water for over 500 years. The yellow wood comes from a leftover piece of a board that a carpenter gave me. I cut the veneer myself. The light wood on the inside is particularly suitable for engraving!

It would also be possible to have the yellow wood on the outside and the dark wood on the inside of one or both rings.

All HolzTraum rings are made using the Bentwood technique. A thin strip of wood is bent with the fiber into a multi-layered ring. This technique makes it possible to produce very stable rings with a slim look. This is a big advantage over turned wooden rings. Unless brute force is used, Bentwood rings are unbreakable. Then the blank is ground to the desired width and shape. The ring is then sealed with a matt layer of acrylic resin.

ring size:
I make rings in sizes from 46 to 72mm and widths S (3.5-4.5mm), M (5-7mm) and L (7.5-12mm).
Please specify the ring size and width in the payment process.
If you are not sure which ring size you need, order a multisizer, which I will send to you in advance. You can then email me the ring size you have determined.

The offer consists of two wooden rings made of elm wood in two colors. Any engravings, inlays or stones that can be seen in the photos are not part of the offer and can be purchased separately.

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