extension milky way

I’ll get you the stars from the sky! Seven zirconia stones of different sizes make your ring glitter and sparkle. There are different colors to choose from. An extension for wooden rings with a width of 5mm or more.


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Extension Milky Way for wooden rings

Make your wooden ring glitter and sparkle with a milky way. With HolzTraum, the zirconia stones are embedded in the acrylic resin, not just glued into the wood. That way they definitely can’t fall out, leaving a disfigured ring behind. Safe under the seal, the stones will not scratch or prick. The expansion Milky Way is possible with all rings from HolzTraum. A Milky Way looks good in a ring from 5mm wide. Wider is usually nicer! If your ring has a striking wood grain, I will try to blend the Milky Way into the wood image. I use stones of at least two different sizes to make your Milky Way look casual and playful.

colour of your milky way
You can choose between a white, red, green, yellow or blue Milky Way. It is also possible to combine the colors according to your ideas. If you can wait a week longer for your ring, I am happy to order stones in the color of your choice. I always have stones in other colors in stock if you want a pop of color in your Milky Way. Just ask 😉 This upgrade refers to the expansion of a ring! The rings in the pictures are NOT part of the offer. This is just an expansion Milky Way for wooden rings for finishing a ring purchased from HolzTraum.