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NEW +++ silver coat for wooden rings +++ NEW
Finally!!! After many requests from our customers, we now offer a silver coat for our wooden rings. Your ring is thus protected at the edges by the metal rim and can withstand everyday life better. For the time being only in silver, but copper will be added.


incl 19% MwSt | Versandkosten 4,50€ | Lieferzeit 3 Wochen

Extension silver coat for wooden rings

If silver nestles protectively around the wooden ring, your ring will be a little more robust! Of course, a wooden ring is and remains a wooden ring and should be treated as such with care. But our new silver coat protects the wood to the maximum. We only use 935 silver. The silver content is therefore a little higher than with 925 silver. A silver sheath is possible in sizes 48 to 72. Please note that the normal laser engraving in the wooden ring is not possible for metal. We offer either hand engraving or machine engraving.

Many characters are possible, but longer will be expensive.

This upgrade refers to the expansion of a ring! The rings in the pictures are NOT part of the offer. This is just an extension of the silver coat for a wooden ring to refine a ring purchased from HolzTraum.


935er silver, copper

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