upgrade hand engraving in metal

Complete your ring with a personal hand engraving on the inside! Say whatever you want to say. The engraving looks organic, playful and represents a contrast to machine engraving. If you want more than 10 characters of text, please place the item in the shopping cart as often as you like.


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incl 19% MwSt | Versandkosten 4,50€ | Lieferzeit 3 Wochen

A hand engraving in metal for your Bentwood ring If you would like an engraving in the metal core/metal shell of your HolzTraum ring, there is the option of a hand-made engraving. In contrast to machine engraving, hand engraving has a playful, organic effect. Your text will be engraved into the metal by hand by an engraver. The price depends on the length of the text. You can choose between different font types. Examples can be seen in the photos. Please only buy the upgrade if you can live with the fact that the engraving cannot be 100% straight and centered, but organic irregularities will occur. This upgrade relates to engraving for ONE RING! If you order partner rings (2 rings), please buy the engraving twice! The rings in the pictures are NOT part of the offer; This is an upgrade in the form of a hand engraving in the metal core/shell.

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