upgrade metal inlay

Now NEW at HolzTraum! Inlays made of silver, gold, copper or brass for your wooden rings. Everyone can afford silver, copper and brass. Gold is an investment, even in a wooden ring 😉

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incl 19% MwSt | Versandkosten 4,50€ | Lieferzeit 3 Wochen

Wooden rings with metal inlay

With the metal inlay upgrade, you can expand your wooden rings with an all-round inlay.

There are different metals to choose from:

1) 935 silver 2) copper 3) gold 4) brass

I offer silver, copper and brass at a flat rate. If you would like a gold inlay, please contact me beforehand. The price depends on the current price of gold, the ring size and the width of the inlay. A metal inlay is possible in every ring from HolzTraum. I can work a closed inlay into rings made of apple wood, maple wood, walnut, Stammerika or eucalyptus. The ring is worked around the inlay. With all other types of wood, it is unfortunately not possible to solder the inlay. With these woods, the ring is made first and then the inlay is inserted. The ends of the inlay will butt neatly together.

I’m always willing to experiment. Maybe I’ll find ways that lead to more soldered inlays. But hopefully everyone can imagine that the soldering flame would burn off the wooden ring in no time if I tried to solder the inlay in place.


Please provide details about the width and arrangement of the inlay in the text field during the ordering process or in an e-mail.

The rings in the pictures are NOT part of the offer; This is just an upgrade in the form of a metal inlay for your ring purchased from HolzTraum.