metal core silver/copper

metal core for wooden rings!
Refine your dream ring with a metal core made of silver or copper! Especially when you wear the ring around your neck, the metal core looks beautiful. But the new upgrade is also wonderful on the finger.


incl 19% MwSt | Versandkosten 4,50€ | Lieferzeit 3 Wochen

metal core wooden rings

A metal core is a very noble way to upgrade your wooden ring! You can choose between silver or copper as the core for HolzTraum wooden rings. Metal cores in sizes 47 to 72 are currently possible. I manufacture silver and copper cores at a fixed price. Please note that the normal laser engraving in the wooden ring is not possible for metal. We offer either hand engraving or machine engraving.

Many characters are possible, but longer will be expensive. This upgrade refers to the expansion of a ring! The rings in the pictures are NOT part of the offer. This is just an extension metal core for wooden rings for finishing a ring purchased from HolzTraum.


935er silver, copper