wooden jewelry pendant

A wooden ring not for the finger but as a natural jewelry chain pendant on a light-colored leather strap. Here made of black smoked oak, but actually in every type of wood imaginable.


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Simple, elegant wooden jewelry pendant here made of oak wood with hearts in a wooden ring.

Smoked oak, matte finish, leather strap and two gold plated hearts.
This piece of jewelery is conceivable in all available types of wood. Just look at the wood selection.

wood specification:
Smoked oak wood: smoked oak wood mostly deep black, occasionally with wood rays, medium hardness

leather straps
Leather straps are available in beige, dark brown, black or red.

This pendant is made like all wooden dream rings using the Bentwood technique. The wood is bent with the grain and then glued. This makes the ring much more stable than a turned ring would be. The ring blank is ground to the desired width and shape. The ring is then sealed with a matt layer of acrylic resin. Worn around the neck, the ring is of course in a safe place. So it is hardly at the mercy of handling, sand, potting soil or rock faces.

not toxic:
In contrast to many other suppliers of wooden rings, I do not use cyanoacrylate containing formaldehyde. Instead, I use non-toxic, two-component acrylic resin. This synthetic resin is even more durable and is also insoluble in chemicals such as nail polish remover. A triple plus for durability, your and my health! The offer is a wooden jewelry pendant with two hearts in a wooden ring.